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Simulated Dangers.
Realistic Environments.
Better Training Outcomes.

The ElevateXR Kit is a VR training solution pairing our commercial grade all-in-one headset, with pre-installed software designed to enhance workplace safety through experiential learning.


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What is ElevateXR?

ElevateXR is a robust VR training tool that includes trainings in three key areas – Fall Protection, Confined Spaces, and Lockout Tagout.

The modules increase awareness of workplace protocol, potential occupational hazards, and reinforce proper safety behaviors. Contractors, safety directors, trade schools, and carpenters’ unions who offer certification programs will benefit as they are designed to complement your existing programs.

The VIVE Focus Plus ElevateXR Kit includes the VIVE Focus Plus, 3 safety modules, and VIVE Enterprise Business and Warranty Services.

ElevateXR Training Modules

Each module is designed to reinforce training programs with simulated scenarios. Lessons are curated to encourage safe behaviors and adherence to workplace protocol by engaging trainees in realistic environments. This training provides the closest thing to hands-on training without the dangers of working in these real life environments.

Use Miracast™ to stream lessons wirelessly. Miracast allows you to see what your employees see in VR on a second screen, so that you can give them guidance. It also enables the instructor the ability to show how to perform a lesson perfectly in VR to an audience.

The app is comprised of three safety training modules:

Fall Protection Screenshot
Fall Protection
Confined Spaces Screenshot
Confined Spaces
Lockout Tagout Screenshot
Lockout Tagout

Fall Protection

The Fall Protection safety module is meant to supplement fall protection safety training offered by many companies.

    Learn and practice hands on:
  • • PPE and proper fall protection equipment
  • • Harness and Lanyard inspection
  • • Connectors and Anchor points
  • • Working at heights
  • • Lifts and ladders
  • • Scaffold navigation
  • • Work environment hazards
  • • And much more


Familiarize with safety harnesses, lanyards, anchor points, and safety lines.


Reinforce the importance of fall protection with simulated scenarios.


Enhance training in a variety of real-world situations such as cherry pickers, plank walks, and securing equipment, with none of the danger.

Confined Spaces

This module is meant to supplement Confined Space training programs.

    Learn and practice hands on:
  • • Appropriate communication
  • • Controlling hazards
  • • Equipment for safe entry
  • • Detection of hazardous conditions
  • • Monitoring
  • • Supervisor responsibilities
  • • Attendant responsibilities
  • • And much more


Familiarize workers on the use of necessary personal protection gear and tools, such as radios, gas monitors, and air blowers.


Reinforce the importance of situational awareness and environmental evaluation with simulated confined space scenarios.


Enhance training and provide the opportunity to practice mitigating real-world scenarios, such as gas leaks, with none of the danger.

Lockout Tagout

The Lockout Tagout module complements existing training programs by reinforcing proper lockout/tagout safety protocols.

    Learn and practice hands on:
  • • Identification and shutting down of equipment
  • • Notify affected employees
  • • Proper shut down of equipment
  • • Disconnect primary energy sources
  • • Address secondary sources
  • • Verify lockout
  • • Service equipment
  • • Bring equipment back on-line


Familiarize workers on the use of appropriate personal protection gear and lockout/tagout tools, such as hard hats, wrenches, and lockout/tagout devices.


Reinforce the importance of following appropriate safety protocol and identifying potential energy hazards that require lockout/tagout procedures.


Enhance training and practice recognizing equipment, such as power sources and heavy machinery, that require lockout/tagout to operate safely.

The all-in-one VR system included with VIVE Focus Plus ElevateXR Kit

Get commercial-grade VR anytime, anywhere with VIVE Focus Plus. Designed for quality and portability. Scale your deployment. Adapt for ease of use and reduced total cost of ownership. Advance training & visualization inside your organization and out.

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VIVE Focus plus HMD and two controllers

VIVE Enterprise Business Warranty & Services Included

Enterprise-grade support and services designed to protect your investment

Keep your business running smoothly with VIVE Enterprise Business Warranty & Services. The package includes a two-year limited commercial-use warranty, support, and services. Features like next business-day email response and expedited product repair or replacement minimize downtime.

  • • Registration and activation required for use. Start by creating a VIVE Enterprise account.
  • • Activation must be completed within 90 days of the hardware purchase.
  • • A service request cannot be submitted until an enterprise account is created and registered.

Premium Service

Expedited Return and Replacement

Two-year Commercial Warranty

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