VIVE Focus

VIVE Focus™ is all you need to experience high-quality VR at home or when you’re on-the-go. Accessing VR has never been easier and more convenient.

Compelling Experience

Painting your dreams into reality – an immersive and interactive world built by inside-out 6DOF tracking we call ​“‍world-scale”, and high-resolution AMOLED screen, rendering smooth close-ups, long shots, and intuitive spinning and jumping.

Design for Comfort

Entering the world of VR is as easy as putting on the ergonomically designed headset with built-in water-repellent padding and instant-on.

Unsurpassed Convenience

Save the hassle of connecting to your phone or computer , simply put on VIVE Focus and enter the world where you are free to wander.

Rich Content Library

Explore a world built by dreamers in VIVEPORT®, a rich library of VR content that extends your endless imagination and freedom.

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